Affiliations & Publications

In addition to writing at Accentuate Asia, Jeremy also writes on the Asia-Pacific region for:

Wikistrat is the world’s first Crowdsourced Consultancy, leveraging a global network of experts. Jeremy works as a Researcher assigned to the Asia-Pacific Desk.

Global Risk Insights (GRI) is your online source for political risk analysis. Jeremy works as an editor and analyst writing on the Asia-Pacific region.

STAND Canada is an NGO focusing on genocide prevention. Jeremy researched ethno-religious conflict in Myanmar, including Karen & Kachin rebels grousp as well as Buddhist-Muslim turmoil involving the Rohingya people.

Sharnoff's Global Views; launched in the fall of 2012, is a global forum featuring original commentary by internationals for Americans.

Freedom Observatory, is a non-profit, non-partisan online politics journal and think-tank. FO was established to provide a transparent and non-partisan platform for young academics and professionals.

Republished Work:

Jeremy's work has been republished by Business Insider, a leading finance and commerce site. The site (with an Alexa rank in the top 200) provides and analyzes business news and acts as an aggregator of top news stories from around the web.

An online hub produced by students of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University.

International Policy Digest (IPD) is an independently run and operated foreign policy website which also tackles U.S. politics.

Academic Publications:

Discusses the role of the U.S. constitutional legal tradition in shaping American attitudes and responses to international human rights treaties. Argues that non-ratification of many said treaties is due to the primacy of the Constitution and the limitations it imposes, rather than wholesale intransigence by Washington.

Outlines the philosophical theory underlying the thinking of Adam Smith, as detailed in The History of Astronomy. By drawing on various works, including Wealth of Nations, Theory of Moral Sentiments and Lectures on Jurisprudence, paper highlights the common ideas on perception and the mind which help tie Smith's seemingly incongruent works together.